What to pack for your trip to Ireland

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Winter is almost over, and when spring arrives, it is the best time to visit Ireland- the beautiful country with many castles and fortresses, cliffs and islands, and, of course, a remarkable urban life.  If you’re visiting the Emerald Isle for the first time, these are some items you’ll want to bring with you. 

An outlet adapter 

The first thing you should be aware of when packing for Ireland is that the Irish use a large “G” electric outlet, which is different from those used in the United States, Canada, and other European nations, so you need to be prepared for that in advance. Buying a universal plug adaptor for every type of outlet is the easiest and most convenient method to pack for this trip, as well as all the others you’ll have in the future. 

A scarf, a hat, and gloves 

The most important thing you need to prepare for is the Irish weather, therefore these items are a must-have, especially if you’re travelling during the fall, winter, or early spring months, when the weather can be quite unpredictable. Choose ones made of natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, or merino, since they will be the warmest and most insulating. 

A wool sweater 

It’s always sweater weather in Ireland, so don’t forget to bring a couple of warm wool sweaters knit in Ireland with you, as they’ll be your best friends during your vacation. You can also buy some traditional ones while you’re there, or you can prepare ahead of time by purchasing in online stores such as this https://www.tarairishclothing.com  This way, you’ll keep yourself warm and protected during your stay there. 

Rain jacket or umbrella 

It is said that Ireland has 4 seasons in a day, so even if the weather forecast doesn’t show any sign of rain, remember to pack a jacket or an umbrella.  Because Ireland has an oceanic climate, it tends to rain often during the day. But don’t let that stop you: get your rain gear and some water-resistant shoes and start exploring the country. 

Sport or athletic shoes 

Discovering Ireland’s magnificent landscapes and hiking on cliffs is a must-do when there, and you surely don’t want to do it in casual or fancy shoes. Pack a pair of sports shoes, ideally boots, that are comfy because you’ll be wearing them for a long time and you don’t want them to give you blisters. 

Waterproof phone case 

As previously noted, Ireland can be rather rainy, and since visiting the Cliffs of Moher or the Aran Islands is a necessity during your vacation, a waterproof phone cover that protects your device from water and dirt will come in useful. They’re also inexpensive; you can get one for less than $10 on Amazon, which is a small sum to pay for such a lifesaver.


It is important to bring medications while traveling to a new nation, especially one that needs a lengthy trip or has a significantly different culinary culture than your own. From daily supplements and activated charcoal to Ibuprofen and, if you have any, a wide range of antibiotics, this is something you should absolutely take in your luggage to ensure a safe and pleasurable journey not only to Ireland, but to any other destination. 

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