What are Leather Shoulder Holsters?

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Holsters are pretty much an accessory these days. People buy them not only to keep their guns but also to flaunt their shooter style. You can easily find them in movies and pretty much stylish that you would want to have one.

 Shoulder Holsters

These are the traditional gun carrying cases, in which the gun is placed on a belt that goes over the shooter’s shoulder. The gun is kept in small pockets designed in the shoulder belt, which is sometimes challenging.

This shoulder holster style is very common among civilian users and cops due to its functionality, safety, and accessibility.  

Leather Shoulder Holsters

The shoulder holsters, which are made of leather are called the Leather Shoulder HolstersThe leatherrig used here offers a much longer life to the holster and a comfortable carry. 

It is a large rig that holds most of the shoulder. The shoulder rig consists of the following parts;

  • Shoulder holster
  • Harness
  • Counterbalance 

Feature of the Leather Shoulder Holsters

These Leather Shoulder Holsters are designed to meet the needs of a shooter to even carry separate magazines. The features of this design are:

  • Durability: Leather holsters are highly durable as they hold their shape for a long time. The more you wear them, the better they fit around you and comfort your shape. 

Leather molds easily and hence give the exact shape and adjustment to your gun and shoulder holster.

  • Best fit: This kind of holster gives you the best-concealed fit. It can rightly be fitted under your armpit through your neck and shoulders and covered with a jacket or suit. 
  • Easy access of gun: With a shoulder holster, it is fairly easy to access the gun placed tightly right beneath your armpits. The holster can be easily removed and put on. 

The same ease goes with the use of a gun- easy in and out.

  • Balanced weight in the shoulders: The weight of the gun and the magazines is easily distributed on both shoulders, and it is comfortable to not push only one side of the body.
  • Ideal for seating position:  This position is appropriate for people who sit for long hours, such as drivers and hunters.

It is fairly suitable for big firearms, which can be easily settled on the shoulders. 

Things you need to remember while using Leather Shoulder Holsters

While using a shoulder holster, you should focus on:

  • Speed: Drawing the gun should be fast enough and practiced so as not to stuck in immediate shooting situations.
  • Holster fit: Choosing the right fit is necessary because a loose fit will lead to misfunctions, and a too-tight fit will restrict your upper body movements.
  • Retention: Your holster should not buzz more during strenuous activities and hustles. It should be keeping your gun in the right place and prevent it from falling.

Leather Shoulder Holsters have intensely intricate designs carved on the leather, which makes them more attractive. Just with a little bit of customization and care, your holster will endure a long amount of time and wear and tear.

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