Give Yourself Peace of Mind by Shipping Your Trailer Across States Instead of Driving It

You have an amazing deal and you have purchased a traile

r from a dealer located a lot farther away from your state and now you are confused about whether to bring it back by driving it yourself or by signing up with a shipping company to transport it for you. 

Driving a trailer across states and countries is a huge task and should be left in the hands of experts. Even then, there are chances of damage during the transit. If it is a second-hand trailer, the risk related to long-distance travel increases many folds. 

Hence, it is always advisable to get the trailers shipped by a reliable auto-shipment company like Ship a Car, Inc. The trailer transport services by Ship A Car are managed by highly experienced coordinators who know the routes thoroughly and can quickly decide on which route to take for the trailer to be safely transported. They also have the expertise in the equipment that is necessary for the shipment of trailers and the paperwork that is required for smooth transit of the trailer. 

The 3 major steps involved in the shipment of a trailer

Now if you have decided that you will be shipping your old or newly purchased trailer across the states, then following are the basic steps and decisions that you will have to follow during the entire process:

  1. Decide whether you want to pull the trailer or load it
  • Pulling on another trailer is cheap and is a faster process, but is not recommended for trailers that are already damaged or are of a vintage model.
  • For such trailers, loading on a deck or freight is much safer. 
  1. Find a reliable transport company:
  • Once you have decided the method by which you want the trailer to be transported, the next step is to find an auto transport company that provides trailer transport services. 
  • You must ensure that the company has a transparent pricing policy and provides insurance for in-transit damage. 
  • Compare quotes and customer reviews of a couple of companies before selecting one. 
  • Also, check for additional services that they provide apart from the transportation of the trailer such as live tracking. 
  1. Schedule and prepare the trailer for pickup:
  • After you have chosen the company and signed a deal, you need to prepare your trailer for pickup on the scheduled date. 
  • Ensure that the light brakes are in working condition. 
  • Also, make sure that the tires of the trailer and the axles as well are in a good condition. 
  • Remove all personal items from the trailer before the pickup. 
  • Strap down everything inside that can get damaged during the transit. 

If the trailer has not been moved for a long time, you must move it up a bit on the road to make sure that the above-mentioned parts of the trailer are in good roadworthy condition. 

Finally, you can sit back and relax until you receive the delivery of your trailer at the desired destination. 

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