Delivery Service: How To Start A Business

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The postal and parcel delivery market is growing. More and more people are getting into this potentially exponential business. At this point, you may be wondering how to set up your delivery service venture for people to receive delivery (รับ ส่ง ของ which is the term in Thai). In this post, you will find some tips.


The best endeavors usually start on a piece of paper. Before you start thinking about making big leaps in the business world, you first need to have the basics. Making the right business plan is the first step to becoming successful. Develop a comprehensive business plan of your operating cost, market prices, and profit margins. You need to have a clear idea of ​​earning money and the type of items (shape, size, and weight) you want to transport. Determine where you will acquire new business and your customer retention strategies.


You will need a fleet of vehicles to make deliveries. Based on the size of the items you are willing to carry. Have a fleet of different vehicles. You can prepare bicycles for simple, smaller packages, shipped short distances and larger vehicles, such as trucks, to move equipment or heavy items.

Get Ready For Business

Preparing for the business is essential for the company to generate excellent results. This requires investing time and resources to achieve the desired success. It will not be an easy and fast path. Preparation is essential for both start-ups and companies undergoing restructuring.

Delivery Service Marketing

Unless people know you exist, how do you expect them to be able to get close to you? Many people assume that since there is a demand for a particular service in the market, it’s okay to start a business, and people will start rushing through their doors, begging them to take their money. No matter how much your services are needed, things don’t work that way. You need to be available for marketing, and you have to show the world that you exist and how you can make their lives easier.

Get Your Delivery App

The best way to reach your customers is to equip your venture with an app. Today the number of smartphones in play is huge. All over the world, people are getting used to digital trends. As more people understand how to work with the Internet, application dependency increases globally. That’s why you have to take it a step further and move beyond the idea of ​​people coming to you. If you give them an app for delivery to mobile devices, you can be sure that people will prefer this delivery method. They can request a parcel delivery service through the app with just a few clicks.

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