Every mattress is made of memory foam

There are no mattresses that are made up of a hundred percent memory foam. You have many amounts of memory foam mattress which consists a layer of memory foam on top of a layer of something else that’s providing support typically, it’s a block of firmer polyurethane foam that’s going to give you like the type of support to keep the mattress from just melting away from you all the way into the ground. So basically, memory foam is therefore the pressure relief on top, but there’s something else underneath the memory foam to provide the support. So, it’s just you should think of it as a pressure-relieving material. So, in terms of the different types of memory foam, you’re likely to come across the best cool foam mattress

Gel memory foam                    

Then there’s gel memory foam which has become very popular in the last few years and we might add a category for like a bio-based memory foam of some kind in terms of the differences. So, we’ve talked a little bit about regular memory foam that is the key difference with gel memory foam. And this would apply to Memory Foam that like any other conductor in it, like copper or graphite or what have you the idea is you put a conductor in jail being one example of a conductor and it’s able to conduct the heat away from your body. 

Why is that important? 

Well, one of the knocks on memory foam has been some people feel that they feel that they sleep a little bit warm when they’re on memory foam. So as the conductor helps pull the heat away from your body. Hopefully, it’s able to escape from the mattress or a very least it’s further from your body and therefore creating less of that warm sensation The Innovation with bio-based foam stems from the fact that another knock-on memory foam as it is a petroleum-based product. There’s a lot of rather dense foam made from petroleum and so, for those who’ve got concerns about that, they came up with a bio-based phone which basically substitutes a portion of the petroleum with something more natural product. So, generally, things to know about bio-based foam is as it’s not a hundred percent soy-based. It’s still in most cases vast majority petroleum-based, but it may be substituted 20 to 25 percent of the petroleum for soy, so you’re getting generally a little bit fewer chemicals in the making of that memory foam in terms of the differences between qualities memory foam which is a key thing. Most people look at its density because density is thought to be the most reliable predictor of longevity when it comes to Memory Foam purchases.