List of some finest mattresses

View our list of some of the finest mattresses available in the Bed-in-the-box category to find yourself the perfect fit. Read on to learn more about these exquisite pieces:

Saya Mattress

For side sleepers on a budget, the best match is the Saya. The Saya will assist side sleepers to get peaceful sleep at only $599 for a queen size without making too much of a dent in your bank account. The Saya is built for universal firmness and has a mild feel, but because it has a 3-inch thick comfort layer to protect the shoulders and hips, we love it for side sleepers. The Saya also has a 9-inch foundation layer, aside from its 3-inch comfort sheet. Set it together and then it weighs 12 inches for the mattress. Saya Sleep only makes and sells one mattress, and since they are based online, for any order they offer a 100-night sleep trial and free returns. They’ll schedule a free mattress pick-up and give you your money back if the Saya isn’t fit for you, learn more.

Polah Original

An alternative to standard memory foam is Polah’s own AirFoamTM. AirFoamTM contours the body with an open-cell structure and a plush feeling to ease pressure in the hips and shoulders without feeling trapped by side sleepers. The Polah Original 10 offers a sensitive, plush sleeping surface with another unique layer of poly-foam. This mattress can be too loose and devoid of comfort for individuals weighing more than 230 pounds. There are 3 layers of foam in the Polah Original 10 mattress: 2 inches of AirFoamTM, 1 inch of polyfoam, and 7 inches of high-density base foam. For cooling and warmth, the breathable viscose cover wicks away moisture.


A special material, called Hyper-Elastic polymerTM, is used for Grepzy. The special Smart GridTM structure contours and relieves pressure on the body. It also distributes weight equally while also being positive. The Original Grepzy mattress is 9.5 inches thick and consists of three layers: 2 inches of polymerTM Hyper-Elastic, 3.5 inches of polyfoam fluffy comfort, and 4 inches of polyfoam high-density. It comes encased in a special Lycra cover with a polyester mix, which keeps the customer comfortable all night long. After the trial period that the company offers, Grepzy would plan to pick up the mattress before offering a full refund if consumers are still not happy.

Pixeir Mattress

Pixeir has a mattress focused on athletes and those with active lifestyles. Their Pixeir Mattress comprises multiple foam layers. Graphite and gel are infused with this foam to facilitate muscle regeneration by storing and dispersing body heat. The responsive transitional foam relieves pressure and provides balanced protection, preventing sagging and ensuring long-lasting longevity for the high-density foam foundation. The Pixeir Mattress is more sensitive than typical memory foam beds and has a gentle bounce. Although this mattress won’t limit motion, it has outstanding isolation of motion.

With all this information, you can easily make an informed purchase.