Categories of mattress

Last night you haven’t slept well and finally decided that your mattress might be the issue. Perhaps your mattress is over five years old or perhaps it’s slightly in the centre. The correct mattress is the secret to a better night’s sleep! Who is right for you? Which one? In order to help you determine we have compiled a list on simplyrest for mattress in a box as the most popular mattress styles.

Foam of Memory

If especially as a side sleeper, you are looking for excellent support and comfort, memories foam is a great choice. Memory foam is common because it conforms to your body gradually as you sleep. It provides the shoulder and hip support you need while you sleep on your side. The foam memory contouring your body helps you to be partly protected by the mattress. Another advantage of memory foam mattress is that they contain many layers of foam, which avoid the propensity to slop in the middle. If you prefer foam or springs, you probably would like to find the thickest and most durable mattress for your life and keep it comfortable.


The gel is typically attached to a foam mattress in a framework of support or upholstery sheet in intelligent gel mattresses. It has a different sensation than memory foam, so you will have to try it to see what sensation you want. Gel mattresses also dissipate the heat of the body more efficiently, so smart gel will help if you don’t like the way those foam mattresses absorb body heat.

Tops of Pillow

Side sleepers who do not want to go for a memory foam or gel may also prefer pillow-top mattresses, and “pillow-top mattresses.” Essentially, pillow tops are an extra padding sheet, which is attached to your top mattress. They are very soft and polished like a memory spray that helps your hip and foot to ‘sink’ into the top of your pillow and keep your back relaxed. You may select the softness level for the top of your pillow, which typically comes with an inbound or spinal mattress.


The internal reinforcement of metal springs is used for indoor mattresses (also coil). The level of support of the in-spring mattress can usually be determined by the number of coils in the pattern. How well the mattress conforms to your body is determined by the amount and delivery for the coils. Back, beds with varying spring shapes and coil gauges may also affect backbone consistency. On the right innerspring mattress type, side, and tummy sleepers can be comfortable.